In accordance with Regulation D4 of the Constitution, Canons and Regulations of the Diocese of Barbados, elections for members to serve for the two year period on the St Paul Parochial Church Council were held during the month of February 2011. The following persons were commissioned as members of the Parish Council  by the Rector, Canon Wayne E. Isaacs:
Ms. Judith Millar                    Ms. Marilyn Nurse
Ms. Melissa Small                   Ms. Alicia Sobers
Mrs. Marcia Hinds                 Mrs. Shirley Barrow
Mrs. Kathy King                      Mrs. Patricia Boyce
Mr. Walter Maloney              Mr. Keith Reid
Mr. Kirt Worrell                      Mr. Carlyle Alleyne
Mr. Cyril Burke                        Mr. Tyrone Branch
Dr Henrick Ellis                        Mr. Charles Skeete
During the year under review, eight meetings were convened.  This is in keeping with Regulation D4 (11) which stipulate that meetings be convened ‘not less frequently than once in every three months’.
The first meeting of the new Parish council was held on February 15 2011, in the Parish Hall at which members were welcomed by the Chairman/Rector.

The following officers were appointed to serve:
Mr. Cyril Burke                      Warden
Mr. Tyrone Branch               Warden
Ms. Marilyn Nurse                Treasurer
Mr. Carlyle Alleyne              Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Charles Skeete                Secretary
In addition, members of the council and the congregation were selected to serve on various sub-committees to further the work of the church in specific Ministries. Appreciation was extended to the Rev Allan Jones for his contribution to the work of the Parish during his tenure of service at St Paul and he was wished every success in his new cure.

  • Very early in the term of this new committee, the following were addressed to ensure the continuity of these activities:
  • The Guyana/St. Paul Companion Parish Relationship
  • Responsibility for the management of the Altar Servers
  • The acquisition of a public address system
  • The establishment of a disaster fund for Churches in the Province of the West Indies
  • The proposed Parish Centre
  • Responsibilities of the Rector and Parish Council for funds raised by Organizations in the name of the church
  • Re-introduction of covenant giving
  • Plans for Fiesta 2011 – Update

Out Reach

The collection of food items to facilitate the SAME ‘So All May Eat’ project   and the distribution to the less fortunate in our community re-commenced. Steel Pan Classes were offered during the summer for young persons in the Church and its environs. A monthly collection of food items for the Aids Food Bank was instituted, with specific emphasis on ensuring that the ‘Rice Shelf’ was fully stocked.  Two bath chairs costing approximately $450.00 and a Refrigerator (compliments Courts Barbados Limited) were presented to Wards 4 - 5b in the Geriatric Hospital. A Relief Fund was setup to assist persons in the parish who found themselves in genuine financial difficulty. A Flea market, with the infrastructure being provided by the church, was started to enable members to ply their trade and therefore be able to weather the financial difficulties facing the country. Contribution of $8000.00 was made towards the work of the Children’s Development Centre and the Learning Centre.


The Stewardship Committee held the Parish Conference at the Main Guard on September 29, 2011 and a number of the suggestions made by the congregation were implemented during the ensuing period.

Special attention was paid to the Sunday School and Youth departments.
The Youth Ministry Team was revamped with special emphasis on the revitalization of the Youth Group. The Parish Conference decisions relating to the youth were reviewed with a view of implementing those which were relevant to the needs of the Youth and Parish. A programme was developed and executed with the help of Ms. Patsy Howard to expose the youth to the values of good etiquette, deportment, attitudes and self-esteem. Inter- church activities between the Sunday Schools of St Paul, St Ambrose and St. Aidain commenced and are ongoing.

Plans were put in place for the monitoring of the Health of the Parish Family by continuing the quarterly testing of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, while putting a programme in place to educate members about the management of chronic diseases. A fully stocked First Aid Kit was made available to the congregation for use during church activities. Dissatisfaction was expressed about the lack of support which was given to the Health Fair held in June. It was felt that members of the Church Council in particular should lead by example and show support towards any event organized by the Church.
 A new Ministry for persons living with HIV/AIDS was launched on Saturday, 27 October 2012, at 4.00 pm in the Bay Street Esplanade.  This Ministry is the first of its kind to be sponsored by a church in the Anglican Community in the Caribbean and was developed and  coordinated by Dr. Henrick Ellis. St. Paul can be justly proud of this achievement as a number of members from this church have been trained to ensure the continuity and success of this Ministry.

In spite of the Global Economic downturn which has devastated many countries in the developed world and has taken its toll on the Barbados economy, the financial stability of  St. Paul Anglican Church has remained stable for the period under review. The stable financial position can be attributed to the frugal handling of our expenditure and the continuous giving of our members even in these difficult times. For the year ended December 2012, total revenue was BDS$ 416.076.53 while expenditure totaled BDS$ 403, 566.65.
Surplus for the period amounted to BDS$ 12.509.88. The Diocesan Assessment Fund, Building Maintenance and Wages accounted for the major part of our Expenditure respectively’


The doors in the Choir Room and Vestry were replaced. The front of the church were repaired to stop the continual peeling of the paint, trowel plastic was used for the final finish. Further repairs are currently being undertaken to maintain and improve the appearance of the property. The plans for the Parish Centre have been completed and submitted to Town and Country Planning (TCPO) for approval. Ten (10) fans were installed for the continual comfort of persons attending church.


Concerns were raised by members of the council and the church, after a thorough investigation and assistance from the Security Section of the Royal Barbados Police Force, a new contract for Sunday security services was put in place. A security system was installed by G4S who also monitors the property. Additional security lighting has been installed and further work will be done in this area.


Mr. Tyrone Branch was elected to serve as a Diocesan trustee for a period of three years. As a result, he was no longer eligible to represent St Paul on Synod. His place on the Synod was filled by the alternate delegate Mr. Keith Reid.
After a full discussion of the issue of where funds raised by organizations in the name of the church should reside, it was decided to allow the various Organizations in the church to retain control over funds raised, with the proviso that quarterly reports of their activities be submitted to council.
The Council was informed at the meeting of November 22 that each member of the Church in the Province of the West Indies will be asked to contribute the equivalent of $2.00US to the provincial Disaster Fund which was expected to be launched during the Advent season. It was decided that St Paul would commit $1500.00 to the fund.

The presentation ‘Christmas at St. Paul’ was delivered on December 10, 2011 and it was generally agreed that it was an excellent presentation and enjoyed by all who attended.
The staging of Fiesta 2012 under the Patronage of Larry McDonald Mayers was held on April 28, Heroes Day at St. Gabriel’s School. Patrons attending enjoyed a day of wholesome fun, entertainment and lots to eat and drink. The event which is the only fund raiser for the parish netted BDS$ 47, 424.13.The Church Council expresses it sincerest thanks to all those who assisted in any way.

Parishes in the Anglican Diocese are being asked to make a financial contribution towards the hosting of Congress 2013. The conference with participants of Anglicans from throughout the Province of the West Indies is scheduled to be held from August 10 - 19, 2013 at the University of the West Indies.

A request from Codington College for a donation  to assist with the purchase of “Stations of the Cross” was agreed.

The Prayer and Bereavement Group Ministries were established and are carrying out their work in a quiet and dignified manner. The Cell Group ministry was reactivated and presently there are three functioning cells.

During the period under review the Verger Mr. Dundonald Jordan retired because of illness; he was replaced by Mr. Wesley Bannister.
The Church of St. Paul celebrates its 180th anniversary this year in the month of October. A Week of Activities is planned for the period October 20-27.
A major challenge facing the Parish is the ability to attract young members to the church. This is evidenced by the difficulties involved in maintaining a vibrant Sunday school, Youth Group and forming a junior choir.  This has not gone unnoticed by the Council and is an indication of the work to be done, if we are to maintain our reputation as a Parish with a ‘Goodly Heritage’.
Gratitude is extended to the Choir and Gospel choir for their Ministry of music, the Servers, all parish committees and Organisation. Thanks are also offered to the Church family whose unwavering support and generosity for the activities of the Parish is expressed in their giving. This clearly demonstrates that the lot of the Parish has indeed fallen on fair ground.
Last but not least, the Church Council extends sincerest condolences and offers prayerful support to the families of those members of the Parish who dies during the period 2011-2012.

Charles Skeete.


 The property of the Anglican Diocese of Barbados, including churches, rectories and parish halls was vested in the Barbados Diocesan Trustees through the Anglican Church Act 1969 (Cap. 375), after the disestablishment of the church. The operational activities and upkeep of individual parishes are the responsibilities of the Incumbent. The day to day responsibility for the maintenance of properties under the Rector, forms part of the duties of the elected Parochial Church Council (PCC), which is executed through the two (2) wardens, who are elected by the Council and the Priest from among the members of the council.

The Wardens are responsible for the maintenance of the property of the Church as well as the Communion Plate, Books, Clergy and Choir vestments and to ensure they are kept in proper condition for the decent celebration of Public Worship. This activity forms part of Regulation D4 of Parish Councils. The St. Paul Anglican Church will celebrate its 180th. Anniversary this year in October and as with any old building, continuous and preventative maintenance is required. The work of the Wardens is coordinated through the Building Committee and this lends to transparency and a wider input from church members. The committee meets monthly or as often as is deemed necessary to carry its mandate.

During the period under review the committee sought to stop the ingress of water into the church, which during heavy rainfall caused some flooding. This has been partially rectified as the gutters on the western side of the building still needs to be replaced along with some of the down pipes. The front of the church was completely descaled to the red brick, plastered and finished with trowel plastic. The choir room was painted, tiled, cupboards were built for storage and a general facelift was given to that room.  Minor repairs were completed on the Church Hall and the lavatories at the back of the Church.

Major repairs are currently being undertaken on the interior of the Church. At the end of this activity, the interior will be completely descaled down to the red bricks, which will be cleaned, the holes filled and all the walls sealed. In addition, the windows will be replaced or repaired by the chosen vendor after all quotations are analysed. Minor repairs will be completed on the front of the exterior and all remaining walls will be power washed to remove any loose material and mold. The Lavatories at the rear of the Church have been enclosed and will go through a refurbishment in the coming weeks. The Church Hall will see upgrades to the toilet facilities and some additional painting on the exterior. Further work is required on the Church and Church Hall, but because of finances and budget constraints, it will be deferred until a later date.

The other areas that fall under the responsibility of the Wardens, mainly the furniture and fittings, the Clergy and Choir vestments and communion plate have all been inspected and are in relatively good shape and need no immediate attention.

The members of this parish can feel particularly proud of their stewardship in providing for the maintenance of this church.
Cyril Burke and Tyrone Branch


    1845 – 1848         Rev. W.W. Jackson – he later became the third Bishop of Antigua
    1848 - 1872          Rev. H.C. Redwar
    1873 - 1877         Rev. John Drayton
    1877 - 1878         Rev. H.A. Darnell
    1879 - 1892          Rev. W.C. Watson
    1892 - 1903          Rev. G.C. Clark-Holman
    1903 – 1906         Rev. I Gardner
    1906 - 1910          Rev. R. Menzies
    1911 - 1916           Rev. D.A. Farrar
    1917 - 1918           Rev. J.M. McConney
    1918 - 1921           Rev. E.M. Malone
    1922 - 1932          Rev. Allan M.B. Jemmot
    1932 - 1945          Rev. A. Harold Bartlee
    1945 - 1961          Rev. Frank Pemberton
    1961 - 1967          Rev. Alvin E. Simmons
    1967 - 1976         Rev.  Malcolm Maxwell
    1976 - 1990         Rev.  Lionel Crawford
    1990 - 1994         Rev.  Leslie Lett
    1995 - present     Rev. Wayne Isaacs

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