Dear Friends

March 1, 2013, marked my eighteenth year as rector of this parish; I would like to thank all members for their prayers and support during this period. I have found it a pleasant and learning experience and it is my prayer that whatever time I have left in this parish would allow me to make a meaningful contribution to its ministry and life as we observe this year the 180th anniversary of the church’s consecration.

Christian Education is vital for the life of any church and its members. St. Peter states: “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). This we can only do if we are versed in the Scriptures and have a reasonable and sound knowledge of our Christian belief. To this end it is imperative that all members of our parish commit to the Christian Education Hour and make a special effort to attend the classes on Sunday mornings which will resume on April 7, 2013.  I would like to suggest that it is not an option it’s an obligation.

The Sunday school is part of our Christian Education Hour. I would to  encourage parents and guardians to send their children and wards to Sunday school. It is important that children be grounded in the faith at an early age.

I have invited a small group of persons under the leadership of Mr. Philip Burke to lead the Youth Ministry for the period 2013-2015. Very shortly the Team will present its programmee and i urge all members to support this ministry. They will need our help and experience.

It is commonly stated that ‘knowledge is power’. This cannot be easily disputed and it is important that we endeavour to widen our theological education. Over the next two years I propose to establish a parish library and provide suitable reading material that will be beneficial to our membership.

As part of my personal contribution to the continuing education of the parish and wider community, I intend to produce a monthly article which will be made available to persons at a minimal fee. These articles will cover a wide variety of subjects and the first will look at the Sabbath. It is my hope to begin this venture in April.
Stewardship is the life-blood of any church. I will encourage the Stewardship Committee to pursue its ministry with vigour as we try to use our money, time and talents to the glory of God. Each member is asked to do a serious self reflection and give an honest answer to the question: “Am I giving of my best to God?” “Stewardship is the proper and generous use of our time, talent and treasure. Stewardship is all that we do with our lives after reciting our baptismal promises. Stewardship is about joyfully returning to God a (honest) portion of that bounty which God has bestowed upon us.”

I intend to lead in seeing that we build our new parish hall and complete repairs and renovations to the church. These projects will require all of us to fully support them financially and do all that we can to see their successful completion. I am sure we will all rise to the occasion. I see the new parish hall as providing opportunities for us to offer a variety of services to the community and to engage in purposeful outreach ministries.

The 180th anniversary observance can be used as time to recommit the parish to its involvement in the communities life and strengthen our visible presence. I think we should seek to organise projects with local organisations and groups that would be interested in partnering with us to initiate community events.

I would like to see us strengthen our music ministry; music plays a very important part in worship. I will work with our music leaders to put this ministry on a solid footing and to ensure its place in parish life. Our steel pan has not functioned for a while; it is my intention to resuscitate this ministry and I will seek to have it back in place before the end of the year.

As we launch out into the future we must not be afraid of change. Change is threatening but the words of a former Dean of Yale Divinity School should be noted:

The paradox of history is that institutions remain the same only by continually becoming something different. They live through continual reconstruction and transformation. We support our institutions most fully, then, by venturing fresh thinking, by undertaking new approaches, by moving imaginatively amidst the risks and uncertainties of the present, all in the hope of new creation.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wayne E. Isaacs

The following persons will serve on the Parish Council for the period 2013-2015:

Synod delegates: Mr. Keith Reid and Mr. Cyril Burke
Alternate Synod Delegate: Miss Verlyn Blackman
Council members elected: Mr. Tyrone Branch, Miss Marilyn Nurse, Miss Judith Millar, Mrs. Kathy King, Mrs. Pat Boyce, Mr. Charles Skeete:
Council members appointed: Mr. Kirt Worrell, Mrs. Alicia Sobers, Miss Jackie Grant, Mrs. Marcia Hinds, Mrs. Cheryl Harewood, Mr. Winston Gibbs, Mr. Michael Burke.

Parish Council Report
(1) At the first meeting of the Parish Council held last Tuesday the following were elected to serve:
Wardens: Mr. Cyril Burke, Mr. Tyrone Branch; Secretary: Mr. Charles Skeete; Treasurer: Miss Marilyn Nurse; Assistant Treasurer: Miss Judith Millar; Stewardship Chairman, Mr. Keith Reid; Calendar of Events Coordinator, Mrs. Marcia Hinds; Deanery Council Representative, Miss Verlyn Blackman.

LENTEN COLLECTION: We would like to encourage all our members to save coins on a daily basis during this Lenten Season as we have been doing for the past two year. We will receive your gift on Good Friday morning; this year the offering will be given to CANCER SUPPORT SERVICES.

Cancer Support Services (CSS) was formed primarily to assist patients with cancer and their families. Because of the stigma and myths which are associated with cancer, many patients and their families face this diagnosis alone. Even in an age where information on cancer is so readily available, many people still hold on to prejudices and make the life of the patient with cancer unpleasant. This serves only to impede a healthy recovery.

CSS provides a haven where patients and their families are given an understanding ear, a compassionate smile and most importantly, confidentiality and a place where they can feel free of their fears and have many of their concerns addressed.

Through the services it offers, CSS is able to address and alleviate many of the possible problems which a new diagnosis may bring.
Mission Statement: Cancer Support Services is committed through a spirit of volunteerism to the care of persons with cancer and to bring comfort and support to the affected relatives and dependants.

March 24:   PALM SUNDAY
                        Blessing of palms at the Esplanade, Bay Street
                        8.00a.m. Sung Mass
March 26:   7.00p.m.
                        The Paschal Meal
March27:    7.30p.m. Chrism Mass at the Cathedral
                         7.30p.m. The Liturgy for Maundy Thursday
March 29:    GOOD FRIDAY
                         8.30a.m. The Good Friday Liturgy
March 30:    EASTER EVE
                         7.00p.m. The Easter Vigil
March 31:     EASTER DAY
                         8.00 a.m. Sung Mass
April   07:    8.00a.m. Sung Mass
                         Presentation of gift to Cancer Support   

The Reverend Jeffrey Gibson and the Reverend Peter Haynes have been made Honorary Canons.

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